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Sammy’s second web3 love song about the concept of digital affection and loving someone, pixel for pixel.

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Raised in Miami on the eclectic beats that filled the streets, Sammy Arriaga was born behind the mic.

The bilingual singer/songwriter has garnered over 30M+ streams worldwide, 400k followers on TikTok & 12 years of experience in the music industry, The 30-year-old singer songwriter now finds himself serenading those roaming around the blockchain.

Sammy’s first Music NFT project “METAGIRL” released Late February 2022 sold out after reaching the 1500 milestone. Due to his hard-working nature, Sammy is already working on the next Music NFT for his next web3 love song “PIXELATED”.

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Music NFT by blockchain artist, Sammy Arriaga.
1500 Digital Hearts pumpin’ to the beat of METAGIRL, produced by Sammy Arriaga & Alexander Palmer.
The NFT 2D illustration of the digital heart was created by Haddy The Creator. Inspired by the steampunk art style and taking place in a post apocalyptic world, the digital heart represents the idea of everlasting love. No matter what form of destruction may come through the Earth, love will forever and always remain.
The NFT 3D design was created by Raspiarts. It takes place inside of a laboratory, where the digital heart is being preserved from all destruction in the outside world. For each digital heart, METAGIRL holders will receive a FREE MINT of Sammy’s next PFP Music NFT project – “PIXELATED” (Coming June 2022).


4000 PFP/Music NFT’s by web3 singer/songwriter Sammy Arriaga. Pixel art by Chloe Zorn (@darknutrient)This is Sammy’s first-ever Music NFT/PFP collection inspired by the web3 love song “PIXELATED” – Which is about the concept of digital affection and loving someone, pixel for pixel.ALL Pixelated holders will receive a commercial license for their NFT! With the commercial license you can use pixelated as a theme song, make derivative works of the PFP, create Merch, and so many other things.You’ll be part of the first project to give commercial rights for both the MUSIC AND THE ART!

Pulse Pass

The Pulse Pass is the ULTIMATE access pass into Sammy Arriaga’s web3 music experience.

By simply holding one in your wallet, you will receive perks and benefits such as:

  • Merch Discounts
  • Free Entry to IRL Performances
  • Exclusive Discord Roles
  • Instant WL spots
  • Mint Discounts
  • Access to token-gated site
  • Access to private zoom concerts

As Sammy grows as an artist, the pulse pass will grow with him as well. Tons of new utility will come to it as new collaborations come in and new music is dropped on the blockchain.


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